After the release of Kastoria in 1912 from Ottoman possession, the most historical Association of furriers, was founded in 1915, the Kastorian Fur Association "The Prophet Elias", with main purposesits substantial and structural constitution, claiming rights, solving problems, and the development of the fur craft industry.During the period of the war events of the Balkan Wars and the First World War, the industry of fur and mostly furriers of abroad had big damage and the need to be organized into a single, common platform was imperative. The first positive results of this collective effort of the Association are observed at the interwar period as the industry now is in a status of regrouping and recovery.

After the destruction of the European economies because of WWII, a new economic period of consumer goods’ demand was signaled and the fur comes back to consumer’s preferences. The furriers with leader the K.F.A, wanting to expand their commercial activities, understand the need to create a Fur Exhibition in Kastoria. So, in 1976 the first International Fur Exhibition of Kastoria starts with organizer the Kastorian Fur Association (K.F.A), at temporary premises while they start demanding to create an exhibition center. At the initiative of K.F.A the company E.DI.KA S.A is founded in 1982 to take function of the new Fur Exhibition-Auction Center of Kastoria, which from 1991 to 2012 hosted the International Fur Fair of Kastoria, held every spring with exclusive organizer the K.F.A. Because this Exhibition Center (E.DI.KA),was not sufficient to cover modern exhibition needs of an operational exhibition, the K.F.A dared and created the new International Exhibition Centre of Kastoria, in a modern building that meets all the prerequisite requirements of a modern International Fur Exhibition.

The International Fur Fair of Kastoria with the important contribution of Furriers’ Association managed to survive in international competition, and to be established in the minds of buyers around the world, as a high-quality exhibition, of guaranteed purchases and direct service.

K.F.A with the 100-year plus experience in the fur industry is a carrier that can fully meet the modern demands of industry and international trade, making Kastoria and Siatista a unique customer attraction to purchase fur products, of excellent quality at producer prices.

Having as main advantage the modern infrastructure, the expertise and support of furriers, seeks to make Kastoria a permanent exhibition center with constant visiting activity. K.F.A believes that the emergence of the historicity of an industry, which has offered not only wealth, but also culture, benefaction and patriotism, will be another important advantage, which will provide multiple benefits to both the industry and the local community in the wider region of Western Macedonia.

To this direction also aimed the organization of the Fur Shopping Festival, an exhibition event regarding wholesale and retail sales , which was successfully held for the first time in November 2016, aiming to the establishment of this event at an annual basis.