The objectives of the organization - Kastorian Fur Association - are to study and promote the shared economic, social and professional interests of its members, while also pursuing the welfare of the community as a whole, and to study, protect and promote the moral, financial and professional interests of its members and foster a spirit of solidarity and fellowship among them.

More specifically:

  • the cultivation, fostering, development and diffusion of the spirit of syndicalism among fur manufacturers belonging to the organization, encouraging broad participation in first-tier trade union organizations, and through these in the corresponding second and third-tier union organizations,
  • the systematic study of the problems of the various sectors, to promote more effective collective action in order to resolve these problems,
  • the development of a spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance among its members, while also securing conditions in which professional training can be improved and the general cultural and educational level of the sector be raised,
  • taking the necessary steps to oversee and supervise the organization in Kastoria, under the aegis of the Kastorian Fur Association of the Annual International Fur Fair of Kastoria which completed already 30 years of ongoing presence in the fur trade.