The Kastorian Fur Association "The Prophet Elias"


The Kastorian Fur Association"The Prophet Elias" is the metropolitan and the most historical Association amongst the Fur Industry, founded in 1915.

KASTORIA International Fur Fair

Since 1976, the Association has begun organizing the KASTORIA INTERNATIONAL FUR FAIR, which has been prevailed, in spite of all time-to-time difficulties for 43 years.The latest yearstheevents have been considered in many aspects the most successful ones , in terms of participation, organization and attendance of commercial visitors.

 Fur Shopping Festival

Τhe Fur Shopping Festival that was held on 2016 for the first time is another exhibition event, both for retail and wholesale fur products, and is being held at the beginning of the winter sales season (early November). Aim of that three-day event is to make the last markets for fur shops prior to the winter, as well as individual sales directly to consumers.


Under the auspices of 

Co-organizer of the KASTORIA International Fur Fair and the Fur Shopping Festival is our national Exhibition Agency, HELEXPO- TIF, which with its 90 years of experience guarantees the success of both exhibitions.

UFI Certified

The Kastoria Fur Association “The Prophet Elias” since September 2017 is a full member of the UFI Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, as the most widely acclaimed exhibition certification body has approved the Association’s application as “Exhibition Organizers”. 

This is an extremely significant development for the Greek fur industry, and mainly for the Kastoria International Fur Fair, which now bears the accreditation title of a "UFI Approved International Event”  and has officially won recognition in the global firmament of trade fair organizations.