The International Exhibition Center of Kastoria(IECK) was constructed in 2013, in order to meet the needs of the KASTORIA International Fair of Kastoria, which until then was held at the Exhibition – Auction Center of Kastoria(EDIKA S.A).


However, due to the increased interest of Exhibitors to participate in KASTORIA International Fur Fair, which was significantly upgraded, the available square metersof the Exhibition – Auction Center were considered inadequate and therefore  the Administration Board of the Kastorian Fur Association "The Prophet Elias" proceeded to the construction of a new building by its own means, situated in the Industrial Area of Argos Orestiko.

It is a modern building, which meets all the European Standards for the organization of big exhibition events.

The total area of ​​theInternational Exhibition Center of Kastoria(IECK) is 13.000 square meters, while the exhibition space, which hosts the exhibition stands, exceeds 8,000 square meters.